future media darling (sobota) wrote in team_savvy,
future media darling

Master Post: We are The Kick

we are the kick
by sobota

thank you to the AMAZING i_m_pk for this INCREDIBLE cover for the kick's second CD!!

17841 words
sexual content, strong language and implied violent (but not deadly) assault, RPF
this is a derivative fan-work, no profit is being made
thank you to my awesome beta, qwsedcrfvt (hi jo!) for making this literally the best fic i could make it, and thank you to my artists i_m_pk and ESPECIALLY to livelikejack for the most amazing videos i have ever seen in my entire life. go watch them, now!

part one: good beginnings (?)
part two: a dream ending

art post: the kick's warped tour diary

seriously, guys. the videos are a set of five mini-videos with clips from actual warped tour, boys and girls being crazy, and a special surprise involving eames and pete! go on and watch, i have watched them about a thousand times now, and they never get old.

Tags: bandom, big bang, fic, inception, master post
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